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Born Survivor - We have now recovered!!

Born Survivor in aid or Preventing Breast Cancer

We’ve all watched the Krypton factor in the 80’s and thought “I can do that”. As the 80s are long gone we found the next best thing: Born Survivor.

How we decided to run a 10km, 30+ muddy obstacle race is a mystery. We are not really a bunch of fitness fanatics, who do this kind of thing for fun. Regardless, the decision was made and everyone was on board!!

We were first involved with Preventing Breast Cancer, a charity dedicated to the prediction and prevention of the disease a few years ago. One of our customers wanted its vehicle painted shocking pink in support of the charity!! This was then paraded in a village May Queen and raised about £500. However we knew we could do better.

This was also a fitting charity as Laura’s mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of this year. The cancer was caught early and the treatment was a success.

The excitement leading up to the event was palpable and we had all sorts going on from people taking ninja classes, military diets, running and cycling. Everyone was doing something different to increase their fitness.

On the day we soon realised that serious athletes take part in these events (common sense really) and that we would just have to rely on sheer determination and teamwork to get the job done!!

We were called into the starting pen for the warm up and some motivational shouting!! I think the adrenaline kicked in and off we went. It started off well and we climbed over some logs and crawled under some barbed wire but then came the first muddy obstacle!!

A patch of deep really soggy mud was all it took to stop us! Two of our men lost their trainers. Adam and Connor hopping about on one foot shouting for help were hilarious and definitely set the tone for the rest of our journey.

It surprised many of us how well we worked together as a team. Our newest team member is our mechanic Keith and although he was our oldest team member he used all his army training to motivate and generally kick everyone into gear! He never left a man (or woman) behind.

We were unlucky that Stuart suffered an injury early on but he never gave up and with a little help from his friends he completed the course and went straight to the first aid tent to get his knee seen to.

The very last obstacle, the Blitz, required us to run up a wet slope which felt like a 90 degree angle. Once at the top we had to grip on and climb over a wall. First up was Danny and he smashed it!! However not everyone was so lucky. A few of us took a few falls and scrapes but in the end everyone with the help of the team at the top managed to complete it!! The one thing that kept people going throughout the mud, sweat and tears was the thought of an ice cold beer at the end. Unfortunately they ran out before we finished the course. We can use this as inspiration for completing it quicker next time.

The day was a fantastic success full of great team work and laughter. We also managed to raise £2414.00 for" target="_blank"> Preventing Breast Cancer of which everyone is very proud.

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