Ultra Low Emissions Zones and Clean Air Zones

The Low Emissions Zone (or LEZ) was introduced by Transport for London in 2008 and covers most of Greater London.  The aim was to reduce pollution levels in central London to help the city meet its European Union air pollution obligations.

The LEZ required diesel powered vehicles operating within the zone to pay a daily fee unless they meet the emission standards.  In 2008 HGVs were required to meet the Euro III standard for particulate matter.  In 2012 this requirement was altered to the Euro IV standards which had to be met in order to drive within the LEZ without charge.

The LEZ is monitored and enforced using an extensive network of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.

Ultra Low Emission Zone

From April 2019 London will introduce a Ultra Low Emission Zones (or ULEZ).  The standards for cars, vans and minibuses will be 

Euro 4 (Petrol) and Euro 6 (Diesel).  Diesel powered HGVs buses and coaches will be required to meet Euro 6 Emission standard for particulate and NOx.

All new HGV chassis comply to this standard already.  There are solutions for companies that run a number of vehicles which are not already compliant.  See our guide to compliance below.