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Three C​ontainer Removal Vehicles

Our three container removals vehicles are made using our Bespoke light weight panels and doors, manufactured on site, using specialised materials.

Bespoke Bodies are able to source the whole vehicle for you. With the help of our mechanic we can ensure our used chassis are to an exceptional standard.


Brand new 3 DAF LF 210 Euro 6 container removal body with side skirts finished with:

-12 tonne

-Day cab


This truck is completed with;

-Two man sleeper pod

-Bespoke three container body

-Type approved side skirts 


This DAF LF 180 Euro 6 truck is 12 tonne completed with

-Bespoke bodies type approved side skirts 

-Two man sleeper pod with a night heater fitted 

- And three container doors 

Tactical Moves

Second hand 15 tonne DAF LF 220,(Euro 6). Sourced by the customer

Bespoke 3 container bodywork complete with dropwell, paintwork and sign writing.

Alness Removals & Storage

New 12 tonne DAF LF 230 FA, day cab (3 seats)

Bespoke 3 container bodywork and sleeper pod

Painted and sign written

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