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Our reputation has largely been established thanks to a combination of our ongoing commitment to the provision of innovative solutions and top quality customer service. Over the years we have become synonymous with excellence having been awarded ISO9001 accreditation in 2008. As a founder member of VBTA (Vehicle Builders Type Approval) all our N2 and N3 vehicles are type approved. Our N1 vehicles will will also be type approved shortly. Unless your vehicle is very unusual it will not require an IVA.

Training is considered of vital importance in maintaining a skilled workforce. Bespoke Bodies also encourages continuous improvement in all its activities.

Our membership with the VBRA ensures we are kept up to date with legislation and changes within the industry. It sets and monitors its members' industry operating standards in order to ensure that customers who choose to use a VBRA member will have confidence and assurance that in their choice they will be provided with high standards of service and repairs. VBRA members are also required to comply with current legislative and environmental requirements together with the VBRA Consumer Code of Practice that guides all parties to ensuring a satisfactory outcome in the provision of services and repairs.

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