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Occupational Health Vehicles

Case study: OH Hire

Customer requirements:

Vehicle must:

  • Be capable of conducting various hearing test and health checks whilst on site at customer locations, sometimes without the facility of external mains hook up;
  • Offer a comfortable environment which represents a professional and medical setting to ensure clients are at ease during their medical checks;
  • Accessible to everyone;
  • Able to be driven on a standard driving licence.

Design solution:

Our client was involved in the design and layout of the vehicle. This enabled the combination of our knowledge of construction and truck weights with the clients' knowledge of what works best for their business and their clients. The vehicle was fitted and designed with:

  • Mains electrics for compatibility with laptops and other necessary electrical equipment;
  • Running water, toilet, air conditioning and heating for maximum comfort whatever the weather;
  • Low gross weight achieved by comparing components available and using the lightest possible without compromising on quality;
  • Components which were distributed evenly to help the vehicle manoeuvre and drive more easily, thus making the risk of the truck tipping whilst cornering less likely;


  • Is vehicle is completely self contained and can carry out all medical checks required with the need for an external mains hook up;
  • Can be operated on a standard driving licence;
  • Can be used in all weather all year round as it has built in heating and air conditioning fitted.

Chassis specification:

Fiat Ducato LWB platform cab

3.5t gross vehicle weight

2287cc diesel multijet II 150 BHP

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